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        DIN2093 Disc Springs

        Wave Springs

        Spiral Retainer Rings

        Heat-resistant Spring Washers

        DIN6796 Belleville Washers

        Serrated Safety Washers

        Serrated Belleville  Washers

        Various Elastic Components

               ►   Serrated Safety Washer



        •   Stainless steel:


        •   Spring steel:


        •   Super alloy

                       .Inconel 718, Inconel X-750

              Other material on your request.


        •    Phosphating                     

        •    GEOMET      

        •    DACROMET             

        •    Delta      

        •    Mechanical Zinc




        These safety washers are serrated on both sides, in the form of disc spring and be able to  bear high axial load. they are suitable for a wide range of bolts to reduce the dynamic loading of the screw due to higher elasticity of the joint. They are frequently used to maintain a preload and prevent loosening, especially for the application like this.






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