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        DIN2093 Disc Springs

        Wave Springs

        Spiral Retainer Rings

        Heat-resistant Spring Washers

        DIN6796 Belleville Washers

        Serrated Safety Washers

        Serrated Belleville  Washers

        Various Elastic Components

                 NFE25-511 Serrated Disc Washer



        •   Stainless steel:


        •   Spring steel:


        •   Super alloy

                       .Inconel 718, Inconel X-750

              Other material on your request.


        •    Phosphating                     

        •    GEOMET      

        •    DACROMET             

        •    Delta      

        •    Mechanical Zinc  




        Similar to DIN6796 Belleville washer, this series disc washer provides elasticity force to compensate for the looseness of the connection, in addition, the serrated profile grips the surface of the bolt or nut to prevent the loosening of the connection.





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